The Debate is Done - Potty Power achieved

I'm not sure if starting with the video would've changed all the drama over the last 6 months regarding potty training. I think it just settled a confused little mind trying hard to understand. It had little "big" kids, it had music, it was empowering and it defined what being a big kid vs. a baby meant. But yes, I give it rave reviews and kinda wish I would've started there instead of ended there. It's been here a few weeks now. Maybe a month. Within days, she was handling her business. When there were accidents, we'd pop in the video, she'd get empowered and unconfused again and there'd be a longer period of no accidents. She now requests in public for me to take her to the nearest restroom. I have not changed a diaper in two weeks.
Potty Power officially achieved. On occasion, she proudly screams out "Potty Power!" when she's feeling a little extra confident. So cute. And so resolved.


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