Describing a Natural Setting - doing homework in Ja

(I was allowed to be creative for this assignment, allowing me to describe a natural setting. If the professor hadn't posted a Whitman poem as an example, I would've gone somewhere else with this, but he encouraged using both sides of the brain. This is a science class that I've now dropped because the workload for a 6-week summer semester would've made me ill trying to keep up. Not worth it. But this was a nice assignment anyway.)

This natural setting a deep contrast to my solid, fortified and by-hand-made setting of New York city is refreshing. The waves push the clean and soft breeze against my skin, bathing it in a salty mist. The air is humid. If the wind does not push it towards the mountains, it stays fixed and as solid as any Manhattan skyscraper. Looking upon the eroded shoreline that I remember as once holding a bounty of tan and sparkling sand. This serene setting turns dark, as if the blind depths of the ocean floor race towards the heavens, enveloping everything. Murmurs of Ivan's destruction from the mouths of resident humble this southern coast of Jamaica. A hurricane turns this serenity into madness. How awesome and imperialistic are the gifts of this Earth. The same air, land and water can give and take away in a change of a day, a season, even a millisecond.

It is night now. The sky I has changed, not only from night to day, but from north to south, as this land straddles the equator. My December visit’s vision of the sky was familiar. The skies faced the north as the sun tilted away from the sun. It showed the sky that changed little for me as a child in the Georgia delta or an adult on a small New York island. Now, as the earth repositions itself towards the sun, this speck of an island, so treasured and full out natural wonders. The southern horizons of the universe force me to feel as if I am in a foreign land, not the place of my birth and the spirit of my ancestors.

The waves are crashing louder than they have all day. The tide has risen in the middle of the night. It sounds foreboding and comforting. I set my night soothers in my apartment to this sound. The rising and ebbing tides soothe the waters in my body to sleep. As they play harmonious melodies as odes to the moon, they coax me to sleep. This sound stays with me everywhere. And I take the sounds of the tides with me, as long as I stay breathing.


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