Going to be a tourist this time

Calabash is finally here. My first trip without the little one tagging along. I'm excited, but sad. Nervous is more like it. Is she going to cry for me or not really notice. Not sure. But it will be nice to just worry about myself for a few days. I almost forget what that's like. It'll be time to eat, bathe or sleep and its only me I'm concerned about. Okay, I cannot tell a lie, I'm more excited than anything. lol. I just want to hang out on the beach, listen to some poetry and do some painting. Be a bougie beach bum and call it a weekend. But first: I have homework, I have packing, I have cab arrangements to make here and worry about there. I have some more hoops to go through before I'm chillin Jamaica style. Just keep the bad bwoys away and I'll be aokay.


  1. Anonymous7:15 PM

    Oh gosh, I totally understand my husband and I are going to jamaica for a wedding without the little one, scary but i'm excited for the break. I hope that's not a bad thing to say:) Have a blast!

  2. not at all. most mommies understand. You will have a blast as well, definitely. I certainly did.


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