mother-in -laws

A mother-in-law is such a blessing. To all you miserable mother-in-laws, be like mine and your daughter-in-laws will be singing your praises. Don't criticize, praise that new mom. Give her sound, tried and true advice when she asks. Don't roll your eyes with how new mommy/wifey changes a diaper. If it's so important to you, say, "Why don't you go rest and I'll do that for your." If it's not, keep your mouth shut.
Yes, there are the monster-in-laws out there, but because we treat each other with so much respect, it's hard to find time to gripe on who's way is better on what. And I give when she wants to show me the right way. She's older. I show deference and respect, always. Seriously people, always. Even if it seems strange or you disagree Or'll have a monster-in-law...that you created. They've lived long enough to earn the right to have your respect. And if yours decides to pick up from where ever she was on the planet to come help you, now that something. There are some that have hands on grandmas down the road, downstairs, somewhere in close vicinity. Now you guys just need to know you have a gift that might be taken advantage of. But we all know, some are just drama queens and it just can't be fixed. And their visit is like a root canal never ending. All I can say is sorry for ya. I'm in in-law heaven. Okay, so what. It's been less than a week but my life is very different. I have time to remember to breathe.

in other news..
I cannot get my head out of the DK Art School Book of Art Techniques. Pretty damn smashing. I learn something new every time I open. Okay, that smudging tool, a tortillon, can be peeled to a clean new layer...who knew? For someone who didn't spend much time in the art department in high school thanks to orchestra practice and spent her days in the J-School writing and not the Art School drawing, this information is quite new to me. Also, making a watercolor wash can be made from anything. I've been making watercolor paint out of tempura all week. It doesn't have to be a solid cake color that you wet. I knew that, but you don't have to separately buy watercolor paint when you have other paints in the house. You can even take scrapings from pastels/chalk, water them down a bit and there you have a watercolor.
One of my students inspired me today. Inspired me to keep on keeping on. My passion for art brought me to where I am teaching, meaning, I between the Cooper Union classes and taking initiative to learn new techniques every day makes me completely capable of handling what I'm doing now. But I think the one thing I'm learning is that if I stop learning, then I stop teaching. Teachers have to keep learning in order to keep teaching, even if they teach the same thing for 20 years. One must learn to teach, always. Absolutely.


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