EZ's Woodshed Closing

EZ's on Adam Clayton Powell and 132nd is local jazz spot filled with art, books and music, a place dedicated to preserving Harlem's history is closing. They will be out the door on the 30th. Truly devastating. We're getting a new Starbucks on 125th as the local jazz cafe closes shop. It has been there a few years now, making music and coffee. But the numbers didn't work out for it to be profitable. But in my mind, the space was an optimistic place that the community needed. But not enough people, residents and tourists, took the time to stop by, listen to some music and buy something.

I find this out the day after a magnificent performance of my students' play The Wiz. They did so well. We all worked so hard together and it was amazing. They were able to show off their burgeoning artistic merit and skill. We were able to show off our ability to motivate, teach and organize. We've been throwing around an idea of creating an invitation only group of talented individuals that would focus their time with us on artistic endeavors. Could you imagine if that wonderful space, instead of going completely to the dust, was turned into a space just for young ones of the neighborhood to perform, to have studio space and work? Music lessons, art classes, performances all in a cafe setting?
I am dreaming. But I am submitting doing my homework and submitting a proposal to my organization and a couple others to see what is possible. Completely losing the environment EZ's Woodshed provided would be the community losing out. As a visiting friend said. Everywhere doesn't need to look like Chelsea. But the sad part of gentrification the fact it is becoming too expensive for local businesses to survive. But libraries survive. School survive. Turning the woodshed into a not-for-profit learning environment would give it a chance to do just that. Survive.


  1. Hey there!!! I think I got your URL right. We bumped into each other on 8th Street yesterday, no? :)

    Just wanted to send a quick message to say THANKS for saying hi, and thanks for reading my blog.

  2. come on and ease on down ease on down the roooaaddddd.....

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    So proud of you. Hopefully will be able to visit soon.

  4. :-) I'm so glad you guys were able to comment. I've heard some stories this week on comments not working well. thanks for the love!


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