Freedom without wheels

So the time has come, I'm starting to put word out. I'm selling my car. My lovely fuel efficient, cute, full of plush and leather and so much sweet, sweet Hyundai Elantra GT hatchback is truly, without a doubt, completely unnecessary when living in Manhattan. When I was in Brooklyn, it was always so handy. I would take it to the grocery. I would cross bridges constantly getting here and there. The freedom. It was marvelous. However, in Manhattan - yes, Harlem is in Manhattan for those who think its above Jersey or something - a car just provides endless headache and is like an extra pet. Instead of giving it breakfast, you take it for a drive every morning in search of a parking spot. Here the grocery is across the street, there's a bus or train on every corner, I can walk to the movies, I can take a cab for a somewhat decent rate (better than car insurance) when I feel like I just want to get there fast. I truly understand now why people sell their cars and why so many native New Yorkers don't even know how to drive. Learning to drive at 16, or was it 15, down south was the ultimate goal for a teenager. Here, not so much. I'm shocked how many people don't possess licenses. But now, I finally understand. It's completely unnecessary. So now that I've gotten all this freedom in the last few months, I kind of don't want my extra pet back. Although its been reliable and good to me, I take notice when the mayor keeps supporting toll hikes and even more tolls being built. My car is a nuisance to the entire city. And to prove their point, meter maids prey on my poor car like it was just waiting for a smackdown. Smack another ticket on that windshield, Officer! I'm so sick of the drama, that I'm willing to depart with my first. My first official grown up purchase ever, this car has a lot of sentiment behind it. But the fact is I'm growing up and wiser about things. Can you believe I only filled up my tank once every couple months? That's how little use it gets here. So I drove it down to Georgia months back and now it needs a new owner. It'll be happier there. Someone who needs a substitute to their gas-guzzling SUV to shuttle them in their 1/2 hour commute would like my car. I swear to you, I've gotten 30+ mpg on the highway. It's insane. I will never buy a fuel-inefficient car thanks to this sweet car. Who knows, if I don't get any bites, I might just park it until it becomes a necessity again. I really don't want to let it go. But the freedom without wheels has been so much sweeter.


  1. Anonymous10:54 PM

    Yes! She served you well! ;) - K


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