Monday night reflection

I'm in the wonderful space of time where I'm not doing anything. I've been experimenting with making handmade paper, enjoying a snippet of a summer break. I watched prime time TV and laughed my head off. I work and study during prime time hours so it dawned on me that I haven't really been a couch potato in months. I actually watched shows that were must sees online. I'm one of those viewers the whole writer's strike was about. The online watchers, me. I don't prefer it. It was just the only way to get my fix. My Name is Earl and Grey's were the winners. And when Pushing Daisies comes back, that'll be on the list. Everything else was scrapped. The time isn't there. But now that I put television in perspective, me not watching it definitely has opened up space in my brain for creativity. I'm enjoying this break. The reruns are all new to me. I've found time to meet a couple friends after class. I've watered my plants. Twice. I laughed at myself when I realized I kept looking at the clock as if I was late for something or somewhere I was supposed to be. I wasn't. But as I was self-absorbing, as I am now, the world pressed forward. Some of my dear family lost one of their own matriarchs at I believe 81. She passed on Friday. Life and death keeps on keeping on. In my most mundane day someone else's life is changing forever. On the other end of the perspective I'm getting excited about two friends expecting August babies. The coming and the going keep on keeping on.


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