Thinking about the art world

These days I've been thinking about what makes a master painter. Someone original, who made a statement so original and representative of his or her culture that many people identify with or see greatness in the creation. And in today's culture, the beauty seen in a Target ad could be considered where art is today because many people identify it and see the greatness in the products and company offered. Now, general art, where someone creates something and its amazing and everyone runs to see it, is pretty much a lost art. I missed an exhibit that I would've really liked to see at the MOMA because I heard about it on the last weekend it would be showing. My schedule didn't permit me to drop everything and head to the museum. Then, another aspect, art is bought and sold at ridiculously high prices and collectors are the deciders and hold the lock and key to new generations of great work. I guess art has always been something made at the pleasure of the aristocracy. The dominion of the Roman Catholic church was and still is the benefactor of pretty much most of the great works of art of the Renaissance.
These factors sometimes make me want to stay out of the game. But then I remember something I learned in Art History 101 way back in the day. The first signs of art in human civilization weren't for aesthetics. Most, if all, were related to their spirituality. As an offering or symbol to higher beings, they crafted whatever it was, in honor or reverence. Even the church wanted all things created by the masters like Da Vinci to be in reverence to God.
For me, I think to define my goals while I'm on this path in life, is to remain true to something like that, but not quite like that. If I get caught up in the business of art I may lose my way. And if I decide to do something else, and I'm all caught up in the business of art, like I was with the business of writing, I'm afraid I will soon sicken of it. Money seems to taint the things that I love even though it at the end of the day makes the world run and makes me comfortable and secure. Realistically, I know I'm far, far away from my work becoming a collector's item. If ever. I think if my children market me properly post-mortem then, yes, maybe I could. But if I live to see the day, I'll be fascinated and terrified. But as I keep learning and keep teaching, I just keep my confidence up that whatever I'm making is meaningful to me so it has meaning. I vow to stay humble, accept critique and accept constant learning as my path. It doesn't need to mean something to Sotheby's or even the gallery a few blocks down to be worthy. It soothes my soul to paint, so I paint. I think that face or flower should be remembered forever so I draw. These colors are amazing so I will cut up this magazine and collage. It's a strange new territory for me, focusing on being an artist. There, I said it. I am timidly stepping in the cold and soothing waters.


  1. Anonymous1:03 PM

    You're so deep! We just paint the damn thing because we have to; because we're moved to.

  2. I go deep, girl. Into the abyss. You know that's how my words flow. (Kali is my cousin to all that don't know)I like your blog. Welcome to the world of blogging!


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