Biggest science news of the decade in my opinion.

Yes, we suspected. Yes, we've seen traces in the patterns of the soil from up close and far away. Yes other Rovers have come close to figuring it out. But finally, Phoenix has said, I tasted it and yes, It's WATER.
Why this exploration is important:
If something bad happens to our planet, can we live elsewhere?
Was there life on this planet or life beneath the dirt?
Those are the most important ones, but finding life form on another planet would just make us believers in the life forms far beyond our little planet quite happy to hear that we aren't UFO cracks. I don't believe in visitors per say, but I do believe in life all over the universe that we just don't know about. But mainly, my concern is that the human race is certain to die out into non-existence by the next 100 thousand years unless exploration of other planets for actual habitation exists. Am I sounding crazier and crazier by the minute? I think not. I know physicist Stephen Hawking agrees with me. I think in an interview I watched he said that that should be the priority of all scientists, making sure that humanity stays in the game wayyyyy down the road, so to speak, is the priority we all should have. Since we've confirmed we are just specs in a great big universe, we have to work very hard in holding our ground for ever and ever. My mother-in-law thinks I'm borderline heretic.


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