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I started this four x three foot tree, I guess, last year. I think this has been about nine months of labor. It comes on and off the wall occasionally as I deal with this nagging call it gives me. The nagging wore off, at least it's been gone a few hours now. I feel finished, finally. I think. I started it soon after my cousin's death and this week I received word they captured prime suspects of the murder. I'm hoping this will bring some sort of peace to the family. Doubt it. But the tree is finished. That's all I can say on that.

I haven't written a post in a while so let me see what I can recap since the last post.

This month I've been up and down the east coast. Niagara Falls, Greenville and Atlanta, all for festivities.
I can't get over Hillcrest Inn, on the New York side of the falls. I actually miss that bed and breakfast. The hosts felt like family to me. They were so gracious and accommodating. I felt truly spoiled in my princess bed. They were so child-friendly, I was a bit floored. I'm not used to not having to say sorry all the time for requesting things like a sippy cup or extra napkins. So cool. What was nice is that it was so elegant and child friendly at the same time. I'm not used to having both. But it wasn't all about that. Cassidy, our host, was like our own concierge. She's done her homework and saved me from 95 degree baby drama on the sidewalk situation (I even got a stroller to use!!). I guess I could go on and on, but Amelia and I have traveled a bit together and finding nice folks to help you have a vacation instead of guilting you for having spawned is quite a rarity. But I think what was even nicer than all the pampering was I really met nice people. I definitely plan on going back. There's more I want to do at the Falls. I was moved by them. We also took the train to and from so I was able to spend a good amount of time staring at the Hudson River and all sorts of natural beauty native to New York. I pondered so much there. I was able to do some serious meditating and contemplation out my window. (Tip: Water is on the left side heading north and on the right side heading south).My conclusions I'll keep to myself, but I do know I needed that time for reflection.

In other news, I did sell my car, above asking price because it seems I was underselling my car profoundly. My cousin buying it maybe couldn't really live with the future guilt of that so offered me higher than my offer. How sweet, right? The car stays in the family, but still is totally and completely not mine anymore. No more alternate-side parking headaches for me. No, no, no. Done with that.

I've been pretty busy with work and travel, but this weekend, my birthday as well, was pretty uneventful. Work schedules ended up making any plans inconvenient, therefore crashing any real event taking place for me. But that's okay, the weekend before in Atlanta, my family was able to give me a lovely serenade with cake. All was well until burnt the electric kettle on my mom's stove top. I wasn't drunk, just daft. Who knew they made cordless electric kettles these days? Not I. No cord means it goes on the stove and it'll whistle, right? Tell me I'm not the only one with this lovely logic. This American Life's episode 293: A Little Bit of Knowledge that I just listened to made me feel better. I'm not the only one with a little bit of knowledge destined to make me look like an ass.

Work...hmm...I'm having a lovely summer. The kids seem really into the projects, but I'm coming out of pocket a bit to make this summer run smoothly instead of waiting and waiting on red-tape lined petty cash to handle things. But I think all teachers have to make this decision at some point. Okay, I can wait until next semester or next year to do this lesson or I can just fork over a little cash and we can do it now. Maybe I'm still green and vets are saying, no, bad idea. But for now, I'd rather see the kids really interested in what new thing I'm bringing to the table, even if it causes the wallet to leak a bit. They are so worth it. I'm trying to do all the things kids that retreat to camps for the summer do and that me as a city-dwelling kid didn't do much until I was a young camp counselor at one of these lovely retreat camps.

What I rambling? I guess I may be. But it's been a while.


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