My new toy - Creative Vado Pocket Cam

After I got this for my birthday (thanks, ma!), I realized I'm really, truly ridiculously geeky. I love that about me, but my tech love is turning my little home into Radio Shack. And didn't I SWEAR I wasn't getting the I'm pondering it, like daily. It makes no sense. I'm addicted to these shiny sleek things and the neat (my word for the day) things they can do. I always know I have issues when my dad comes to visit and is inspecting the latest box cluttering my workstation. "So what does this do, and you use it when?" Seems my really neat genius pad is collecting dust on me. I was infatuated at first, but the love is gone. But I am USING this guy. I love this guy. He's cute, portable and I'm having fun. I didn't get the pink and this is good because I'd never pry it out of my little one's hands. So far, we're both a little nutty over taking videos now.


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