up and down, back and forth, here and there...everywhere

It's been a whirlwind. There are moments that I say I've just overbooked myself and I'm going to fall apart and other moments I say I wouldn't have it any other way. I feel in utter disbelief at looking back over the last 6 months how I've not lost a few marbles. In the last 10 days I've been in 3 different cities. I just see a deal or somebody has some kind of request for my presence and I make every effort possible to go ahead and do it. And it really is because I know having my mother-in-law is coming to a close and I'll kiss the freedom goodbye in about 30 days. Living with an in-law was worth it because I had so much more flexibility. Amelia was with me most of the time, but when I needed to jet without her, it wasn't the end of the world. I could jet. I think I just take advantage of a situation as much as possible. But now, the tides are changing. I have these sky miles that I want to use, but I'm going to have to put them on hold and pray for no expirations or changes, yet again, to the rules on how they can be used. I've been saving these certain miles for a trip out west, like HI or Alaska. That will have to wait awhile. Then I discovered that on those house swap sites, people all over the world would love to come to NY and there are good trades to be had. Also waiting a while. Someone this summer called me a jet-setter. I laughed, kind of embarrassed. Then I decided that sounded cool and decided to make the best of the summer. I feel I did. And I thank dear old air tran and travelocity for making it affordable. Plus, knowing people in the cities I stay makes it much more possible. I think I really needed to escape, too. It was was a weary and hot summer and to not get caught up in work drama, being incognito when I wasn't needed was the smartest thing to do. I'm too busy for other people's drama. I've just made that my little thing this summer. Drama-free please...please, please, please. Don't bring me down into the depths. I got my own hurricanes to deal with.
Now the fall starts. I've signed up for zipcar.com and my membership should supposedly give me affordable access to cars when I have the urge to go apple picking or to wal-mart. Supposedly. We shall see. That means I'm hoping to keep trips completely local for now. This trip, I'm in DC right now, was just so haphazard to me. I don't have my chargers for my phone or laptop. I'm borrowing and conserving energy, basically. I forgot meds, some hair stuff and I'm stressed about starting school. I've been spending all night on the laptop with borrowed power cord trying to get a grip on the semester ahead. And I'm trying to figure out my little one's school supplies and all the fun back-to-school madness. But now the madness is for two of us, not just me. aye me. But, as I said, my tendency towards boredom warrants such insanity.
But I know all shall slow down now that school is in session. I long for it. I long for a little down time. And here I was complaining and my poor mother said she's been in 3x as many cities as me in the same time period. Thank God I don't have to do this for work. Well, I do, but not work work. Just my side things like St. Mary Market and my art work occasionally. But not work, work. That has to be insane. Poor mommy.


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