Confident Intuition

September 28, 2008

You could feel adept at dealing with issues related to your life resources today which might make you more able to handle the things that arise more competently. Maybe it is your ability to trust your intuition that is giving you the confidence you need to make the choices that are right for you. This would be a good time to draw upon this inner source of strength and wisdom to ensure that you feel positive about your decisions. While negotiating with others today perhaps you can take a deep breath, and ask yourself how you feel about the options that are placed before you. Should you notice any pangs of hesitation or uncertainty, you might remind yourself that these sensations are actually indicative of your intuition at work – signs in fact that your self-assurance is guiding you along the right path.

Our intuition is a powerful tool that we can draw upon when determining our course of action. When we listen to our instinct, we are using that part of ourselves which is most deeply connected to our true feelings about an issue. Being able to trust this inner sense will in turn allow us to act with confidence, knowing that we are heeding the signals that tell us what we really need to do. Therefore the more we heed our intuition, the surer of ourselves we will be. By following your intuition today you will be much more capable of reaching decisions that will work in your own best interest.


  1. Just wanted to drop in and say I hope you are doing well.


  2. Hi again,
    yes I'd love to meet for tea!

    Also, on Oct 25th there is a pumpkin festival for the kids in Central Park. I'm planning to go with a friend. You're welcome to join us if you want.

    Hope you are well!



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