First Day of School

Growing up is a fascinating thing. Painful and lovely at the same time. What I found fascinating is that had only a slight whimper when I left her, but when I peeked through the door she was laughing, clapping and singing. She was absolutely thrilled to be a big girl today. She wanted absolutely no help in doing anything, as if her little mind was also marking this experience as significant. Except she refused to give up the stroller on the walk home. But I was fine with that. It's a bit of a walk and we'd go oh so much slower if she walked. But what was really funny was that the tears came when we were coming in the door. She flat out refused to end the wonderful experience of school. Taking off her uniform took lots of coaxing and persuading and it still ended in bawling. She loved school today. And that's all that matters. My little one is on the right.


  1. yeah she looks like a little angel there, but you know as soon as you left she was like "let's rule the school!'


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