How to get a handle on Disney

Don't get me wrong, I love Disney. I'm ALL about it. I was in tears of pure joy my first visit to Disney World. But what I and, and many, many, many parents of children of color cannot stand is that we have virtually none, and truly NO fairies, princesses, queens, etc. of color to give our daughters a positive image of themselves. And then you know, we finally find an ethic doll that really resembles them. We're so proud. Until they throw it in the toy box to reach for the blond haired Barbie they just saw on TV, like everywhere. In their eyes, almost everbody on TV looks like Barbie or Tinkerbell if you take in advertisements as well. They don't know that their face, their color, their beauty is for real. SO, with that said. When I went on this rainy day to the drug store to find something quick to protect her from the rain, my only selection was the Disney ponchos with princesses and Tinkerbell. She was Tink last Halloween so I know she has a fondness for the fairy. But I made a pact to myself that I don't let her wear faces as an emblem. She can wear things designed by Tink, but not with Tink herself. She is not blond. She is not blue-eyed. This is not her. So why wear the face of someone who looks nothing like her, that actually make her think that that's a standard she's supposed to be. When she's older and she loves Tink just cuz she loves Tink and she chooses to wear her smiling mug all over everything, so be it. But in these formative years, where I'm helping her develop a strong and very positive sense of self and identity, I'm NOT about to have a repeat of the Doll Test in my house (African-American girls don't like the black dolls they are given because they think they are ugly. They instead choose the white doll because it's prettier to them.) Just search my blog and you can see me ranting previously abut the doll issue. The test was taken decades ago and again just a couple years back. We failed both times.
Again, with that said...this is what I had to do this afternoon. Y'all may think I'm crazy or just a damn good mama. Whatever. It's important to me so....Tink needed a makeover. 20 minutes later...


  1. I *LOVE* it!

    And would have done the same thing.



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