Introducing myself to oil painting

Oil has always intimidated me. I finally did some reading on it. Like for the last two months, to be honest before I even attempted to really try. I've added oil to other things I've done and I hated its consistency. I thought it was difficult, messy and archaic. But, then somewhere I realized that I cannot consider myself and artist if I don't even learn the art of oil painting properly. I visited galleries and museums. I got my read on. I bought the materials. I waited. And waited. Got nervous. Couldn't figure out why. Refused. Had a few dreams about it. And then early this morning I decided that today I would do it. I got out one of my books, set my supplies up and got to work. I shooed my little one away from the toxic smells and I attempted to get something down. At the end of the day, I love it! A little turpentine and linseed oil goes a long way. I love it. But it takes forever to dry.


  1. Oh HEY! Oily Goodness!!!

    IMHO, you haven't lived until you have painted with oils.

    If you are concerned with fumes use odorless turps. Linseed oil is completely non-toxic.

    GREAT start! YAY for taking the plunge. You'll be hooked forever, I'm sure.


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