Truth be told...

Growing older, gives you a little bit of perspective on things sometimes. Like, when I'm feeling super creative, I'm also super-sensitive. I may beg for attention or find someone's least little slight worthy of complete and utter banishment from my life. It all comes down to the fact that as I release all these things inside and I begin to make things, it's like my whole being is open and vulnerable. I'm a bit unrealistic and irrational. All I'm focused on is getting whatever it is out of me and having it understood. So, to all that have to deal with me...sorry. It is the way it is and probably the way it will always be. Just steer clear and take none of what I say personally. Maybe easier said than done, but you know, I'm a loving person worthy of a little room to vent here. Most of the time, I'd say I'm actually kind of mild mannered. Right now, I'm a step away from throwing something at someone's head. So it goes.


  1. I liked the background better without the black background. A little difficult for people with old eyes to read and, yes, a bit depressing. MOM

  2. oh, mother. are you wearing your glasses? I'm just glad you stopped by. :-)


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