Dear Mr. President,

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Dear Mr. President,
By Francia Mccormack - Nov 4th, 2008 at 10:09 pm EST

What exciting times. I'm listening to the radio, keeping tabs on the results right now. I thought I'd take time to lay out my wish list if I'm happy enough to be able to say in the morning, Mr. President Obama. So if I am blessed to here this, then here's what issues effect my life and how you are poised to help.

Health care. Mr. President, health care for so many in my family struggling with cancer or mental disabilities needing consistent care would help me so much. If we could just all have health care without having to worry so much about things like prescriptions, it would be great. We have often taken family collections to pay for another member's medicines. Help with that, Mr. President, would be profound. Let our veterans always have health care. See to their health care needs first. They deserve that in the very least.

Unions. The unions have been very good to you, Mr. President, in this election. Could you start campaigns to show this country the benefits to the people who work hard every day that unionizing helps us stay strong in demanding benefits we deserve and have earned in our hard work? Could you stress to America that if anyone who goes out to a job and pays bills is a working class stiff...not a middle class, not a lower class, not a high class white collar or blue collar worker, we are all working people working hard to be Americans loving, living and striving for better? Growing up in the south, I realized after moving to New York as an adult how important knowledge and understanding to the entire nation on the benefits of unions in their lives could help us pull each other up instead of letting poverty and job insecurity take us down as a community.

Economy. Fix this. Try. Be a leader. Have strong minds around you. Lead this country to be confident again. Lead us through the roughest times ahead. Do not make most of your decisions on what you feel is best. Listen to those around you. But at the end, make a decision you are comfortable with. Explain to us what is going on. Do not spend most of your days behind closed doors where we are clueless on your plans to help our economy. Help us, and the world, know you are going to lead us to better times.

The War. Help us correct the mistakes of our leaders that go against the international community and many of the Americans following the war. Focus on Afghanistan. Focus on the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. Catch bin Laden. Know our enemies and our real threats. Use wise judgment. Get us out of Iraq where we waste the strength of our soldiers.

Unify. As you've said, we are faithful in blue and we are pro-choice in red. We have a plethora of opinions and ideas on what works for ourselves and our families. We are more the same in the way we love our families and we care about our country. But, our divisions sometimes are unhealthy. We forget to see a person behind that opinion we disagree with. And that causes many of us to lose a sense of humanity towards each other. Help us see the value of others that don't share our stance. Help us reach across the aisle

Welcome to the White House, Mr. President. I look forward to your amazing accomplishments and the hope you inspire in all of us, here and around the world. Thank you for your hard work in the race and I look forward to your hard work as our leader. Be well. Stand strong. And I know God blesses your journey ushering our nation into another era.

Peace and blessings,

Francia McCormack Wilson


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