Miriam Makeba (Mama Africa)

Amelia and any other rugrats I may have added to the planet, if you're reading this years from now, go and write me a report on the life of Mama Africa. I want you to know her. Double-spaced and at least 2 pages, 4 images, and 2 other videos.


  1. And I want that in Times New Roman, 12 font. Don't try to be slick with Courier New, 12.5...Don't mess with the margins either.

  2. She will love her because you will buy the "Homeland" album with the "Pata Pata 2000 remix" and both you and her will love dancing to it. There is a dance called the pata pata that she does in one of the vids posted on my blog. You should dance it together. You should also buy her "Sarafina" when she gets older and watch it together. We may have come a far way from Apartheid but "until [worlwide] the colour of a man's skin is of no more significance than the colour of his eyes" ...the war continues. (Haile Selassie).

  3. by the way, Miriam starred as Sarafina's mother.


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