My first famous person sighting

Okay, I've lived in this city many, many years. But I have never spotted a famous person on the street. I've had friends spot people, most famously Julianne Moore, I believe her name is. But I spotted MY famous person. Like he's SO famous to me. Do you guys remember Ricky on My So Called Life? I will totally remember him until the day I die. He was so great. Turns out Mr. Wilson Cruz has been in dozens upon dozens of stuff since then, but all I know is that I saw him and I was like, is that Angel (Rent), no,no,well maybe... was he in Angels in America, hmmm..maybe....but then I came home a did my little research. I was like this is hilarious. That's RICKY! OMG, I LOVED HIM!!! He was so GREAT! And then he was like this face I'd seen a number of times without realizing it, like in my favorite cop dramas at one point or another. How did I see him? Well, we both were trying to get on the A uptown and were peeved that the 23rd Street stop was closed. So we both decided to hike it up to 34th. It took a major slap in the face from MTA to get me to look up and at the people around me. Not much of a people watcher, won't lie. Granted, I never said a word to him. I was like, what am I supposed to do? He's so..RICKY. So I decided to play it NY cool and just pretend like I'm not sneaking peeks. I mean, I'm still doubting because I'm extremely daft over such things. But if it WAS him, I'm so glad he's my first. He was one of, no, probably truly the first gay person on television I think I'd ever seen. When I heard his voice, it pretty much sealed the deal for me. He's like extra points because he's not like huge, huge, but you have to really knowww him to notice. such a hag I am. sighh...happy sighh....


  1. haha. then you're going to die. i can't believe you recognized him! well i've seen him at a bar in LA before and actually met him and we flirted ;)

  2. Well, it WAS near your place. Did you sneak him out while I wasn't looking? ;-)


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