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When the numbers jumped on the screen, declaring him a winner, I dropped to my knees and gave thanks. I'm hoarse this morning from my hollering of joy. As people starting piling into the streets below me, I got out the Christmas lights and strung them in the windows and on the fire escape. My Christmas has come. This morning, I realized that 60 percent of Obama's supporters were white. I lowered my head and cried, growing up in Stone Mountain, GA - a place of cross burnings and deep segregation not that long ago....STUNNED that the country I love loves itself and me enough to judge a man by the content of his character and not his skin. They voted for issues. They voted for change. We all worked together to bring this day into fruition. We are all feeling joy. But I have to just be thankful to the fact that the ones who told me about their family members cursing them for voting for a nigger or the ones who said they couldn't imagine a black man trying to lead...I'm thankful that most of the nation is beyond that. It is truly about change. And for me, it's love and respect and a different America moving beyond ignorant differences. I openly drop on my knees in thanks to God and his blessings. My brother died October 11 by a drunk driver and at moments I have this sadness that he couldn't see this day, just like Obama's grandmother. But guess what? He absentee voted months ago. That's my brother. He was here anyway. So today is such an amazing day going into the history books. And we are ALL a part of this amazing community and amazing nation. And I thank my brother, myself and I thank everyone who voted. We did it!!!!
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    Well said Fran...well said!


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