Ravelry - best thing ever. Thanks Yvette!!!!

Knitters MUST join Ravelry.com, currently in beta and invite only so be patient. It's so worth it. Mine took a week. I think I'm like the last knitter alive just finding out about the site because it's pretty amazing. See a project, want to see dozens other people making or who have made the same project and pictures of how their projects turned out? Want to join a group of tea loving knitters in new hampshire with pet yorkies? How about goth knitters loving leg warmers. Or cable sock fanatics. Do you want to see the most amazing stashes of yarn or show off your prized stash? This database of all things knit is vast. Really, that's all I can say. Vast. My knitting friend looked at me the other day and was like "Girlll, where have YOU been?" Um, yea. I was in the clouds. So glad somebody decided to share the wealth.


  1. Francia I hope you had an AWESOME Thanksgiving!!!

    Can I put your pic on my blog?
    And can you believe I'm so slow I haven't put our museum pics on Flickr yet?



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