Sweet babies


  1. For some reason the following lyrics from an 80s dancehall song come to mind: "What an experience this is for us, two [black] girls on a mini bus.."

    Priceless. I am always very charmed to see little girls playing with culturally relevant dolls. It makes such a difference in cementing their identity.

    Notwithstanding that, I used to beat the shit out of my black dolls because every other black girl I knew had a white doll and I could not understand at 3yo why I had to be the only one with a life-sized black doll who on top of not looking like every other doll I had seen, had VERY short hair!

    Amelia, as is clearly illustrated in this photo, is more evolved than her Aunty was at her age.

    Tenk God for journeying mercies!


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