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Stone Mountain Sunset

Sleepy time

Lil ode to the city...she's so purdy

Maternal Discrimination finally being recognized

Victim's mother - a Georgia prosecutor - is out to get me: DWI suspect

Buffalo Baby

Time to relax and enjoy the Fall

Slingin it

music for the soul

feels like formula is owned by the mob

nice work

Pretty Song of Songs

Happy Birthday Angel Baby

4 is good! Big girls rule.


Birds in the Window

Pretty Yellow Breakfast

So cool...cute too

Sleep would be nice

finding peace in the nest

Knitting for Baby

Amelia and Umberto

Visiting the Cloisters

Buffalo Soldiers


Springing forward, refusing to fall back.

long walk home

Springing from Concrete

Black Hair Care

Searching Life Magazine Images on Google

Ingenious Weed


Water for Afghanistan


me and relationship all the way

tell it, girl! Why friends with kids don't have time.

my worst fear, abduction

The Girl Effect

Why am I not writing? My heart hurts for Gaza's children.

Ja Daddy by Kari Alana