me and relationship all the way

Barbie Runway Show

...except when it comes to fashion. she'll always be diva. We'll leave out body politics right now, since its her 50th birthday and all. But I'm SURE we all know MY issues with dolls and we'll just leave it alone...for now. And yes, I watched all three videos. Fabulous.


  1. Hi Francia,
    I hope you are well and happy. Daya keeps asking for you and Amelia...we'll have to see each other again very soon.

    The Secret Life of Bees...I just finished it. Amazing...just amazing. Made me cry several times. What a powerful and beautiful film...thanks! I'll drop it in the mail first thing tomorrow.

    Much love to you and Amelia!


  2. You're so sweet for being a damn good friend, esp. when it counts. See you soon!


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