Sleep would be nice

I have two beautiful and healthy girls. Thank God. Sacrifices for said blessings include body and sleep. So far, I am keeping my sanity so I won't declare that a loss. Two weeks to go before I can exercise again but in the meantime I am trying to eat healthier, weight watchers style. I am glad I never underestimated what single parenting would be like. I knew this would sting. I knew I would be pining for the benefits of 4 adult hands the nuclear family structure provides. But I think the practice I had at only one set of hands when things started fizzling. But what leaves me wanting to chain donor daddy to the bed post for days without sustenance is sleep deprivation. Seeing that I had little intention of a broken marriage when my newest was conceived...The lack of sleep that newborns naturally provide made worse by only one set of hands. Single parenting has challenges often talked about, but experiencing it puts you into a special catgory of super heroes. Your special power is what you can do with two hands and a couple hours of sleep. too sleepy to go on. But again..happy and healthy kids. That is all that matters. Soon it will be my turn.


  1. That is right..count your blessing.

  2. Anonymous1:19 PM

    Your turn will come so quickly, you won't know what hit you.Sounds like, at least, things are on an even keel. Have faith, my friend. Better days ahead!


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