Happy Birthday Angel Baby

Today was a day full of yes. This birthday girl had a sweet Monday, if I may say so myself. She got to wear her Halloween costume early, all morning. I was constantly fretting over her mermaid tail sending her tumbling down the stairs. Thank God none of that. She made muffins herself...with chocolate icing. We headed to Stone Mtn park in the cloudy cold. My stars were aligned because the kiddie park was closed. I think Gracie and I were quite relieved deep down. But I have said yes to a rain check. She got to watch movies and cartoons ALL Day. Nail polish was on the list, but I forgot...another rain check. And this photo was taken at some crazy hour of the night because bedtime was not mandated. I finally had to send her off...she would've been watching the sunrise if I let her. Also, I pimped my iPod with a speaker case and lots of kid apps and youtube videos. I will not lie that I have selfishly addicted her to things I love...Care Bears, My Little Pony, Gummy Bears and the Smurfs. She had a heavenly day. It doesn't take much....the brightest smile would come when I would say, "Happy Birthday, 4 year old!" She didn't want to hear, "Happy Birthday, baby." She corrected me to say, "Happy Birthday, 4 year old."

"Blowing Out Candles"


  1. What a darling. Happy birthday, 4 year old. My little granddaughter is just a few months older than you are, and she loves dressing up too. Usually, as a princess.


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