I have reached a milestone! More than 500 blog entries. I think that is pretty cool. I have been thinking a lot about how much I love the fall. It is a time of year that always reminds me that it is okay to let go. It also reminds me to have a little faith that whatever I am losing will come again, better, renewed, different in another season down the road. The fact the reminder comes every year means it's an important thing to do in life. This week and last I visited ill relatives that I love and cherish dearly. One is at the final stages of a battle with a very aggressive cancer and the other at the beginning of hearing questionable news and a possibly long healing journey ahead. What I learned was that faith is a pretty powerful thing. These loved ones are my elders and they teach me often, when and if I am open to watching and listening. One: just because someone gives you bad news, your life isn't over. A little faith allows one to see that the sun still shines, the leaves still fall, and the warm will come again. It is unrealistic to not be sad, pissed off and angry that something is happening out of your control. That fire can be the source of healing. But what seems to me the poison when change is on the horizon is a defeated-already attitude. It makes it harder to heal when everything in your mind and body seems to echo "no hope here." Today I caught a glimpse of some pessimistic chica on The Daily Show basically touting her book that a positive attitude does not equate to actually doing a damn thing in changing the outcome of people, especially regarding health. I disagreed because I don't know who goes into anything in there life with the attitude there is no point suceed with more than personal frustration. If apathy ruled I can imagine how much time wasted on things out of mine, their or your control. I am a strong believer in venting. Release the negative energy by talking, crying, etc. But release is key. Perspective helps us keep it in check so our venting can actually be purged. Holding on to the foul feelings is what poisons us and makes us sicker. To me that doesn't sound like Strawberry Shortcake optimism, but common sense. But that is what works for me. Thought I would share.


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