Buffalo Baby

Buffalo Baby, originally uploaded by Bodhisattva Harlem Mama.

We're reaching the giggly, smiley baby interacting with us. She's wearing a cute onsie of my alma mater (thanks, Ruth!). Gotta get a Gerogia outfit down the line, too. We were snuggled by the fire enjoying each others company. I'm loving the growing. I have less heartbreak watching them grow. (Well, i do want to sleep at night again). I enjoy watching the changes. Most of the time its funny. Like how Amelia decided to tell total strangers all my business standing in a long line today. Thanks, girl...appreciate it. How do I teach to be safe around strangers, but still maintain her trusting and kind innocence? hmmm....We did go to a puppet show today about health and safety. Our county had a great little presentation along with H1N1 vaccinations. Baby girl wasn't happy about it at all, since last week was 4 year old vaccinations. BUT, we did see cool puppets. And let's just say her screaming and the fact it took 3 people to hold her down scared pretty much every kid in the joint. But I know my baby. She never gets sick and she always gets the flu shot. And when she does get sick, it's bad, bad, bad, bad, bad. Not worth it. So with no worries or concern in my heart, I did the right thing for my baby. And I lived in Atlanta long enough to know that the CDC knows what they are talking about. Very smart people over there.


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