feels like formula is owned by the mob

It just seems outrageous...like a hold-up know one talks about because they are too afraid to say something, at least the people that actually make a difference with making laws and regulations that is. They never seem to say much about something parents ask themselves every time they are at the checkout line, why the hell does formula, the basic necessity to feed babies, cost so much. It truly doesn't make sense. It's a question for the guys at Freakanomics. Maybe they answer it in their new issue, doubt it...because unless they are a new parent, they haven't really thought about it. But it does feel like its mafia-gouged. It would be the only reason that your average ounce is a dollar. It's like pot. You could buy a quarter bag or a tin of formula.  I hope no one has seriously debated this issue within themselves (deadbeat). But the equation is a fact...people could peddle dime bags of formula and have a completely legit and lucrative business. Has formula always been priced like a street drug? Does Mead Johnson and the rest of the corporate cretons who parade themselves as good citizens of this nation really need to make that much of a profit margin on powdered milk, at the expense of the consumer? I think I know why they are allowed to get away with it. If the government subsidizes the formula if you are in a certain [lack of] income bracket, then the price can stay high, because the government will pay for it. And those who struggle every week to pay for it out of pocket because they just missed the cut-off line for support suffer because they are forced to pay a price that makes no sense. And they are the quiet ones. They say nothing. Because saying something would mean you are admitting its a struggle. And good old American pride keeps people who shouldn't be silent silent. I wish formula could be equated like eggs for the economy....if the price of eggs (and milk) get too high, that means the economy is suffering, inflation is a problem, people are struggling and funds just aren't flowing through the economy properly. The price of formula is too high. Instead of the cute bunnies on the label, they should but the Hamburglar. Somebody's stealing milk from babies' mouths. And nobody says or does anything about it. I understand the meaning of jaded. I am jaded about the priorities of this nation. Makes no sense. Name one average everyday parent who hasn't painstakingly saved the formula that spills onto the countertop. You're rich if you didn't. But everybody else...bet ya u have.  And that means...the price is too damn high!


  1. Maybe it's a subtle conspiracy to promote breast feeding?

  2. hmmm....something tells me too much money is being made for that to really be the case.

  3. You're right of course, and I was not being serious. In fact it's the other way - once a mother has decided (or circumstances oblige her) to bottle feed, she's stuck with buying the formula and can't turn back.


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