Slingin it

"The traditional African sling - a sturdy scarf very well tied."
I seem to have a different sling for everything. For running around the house, this one below is perfect.

For the grocery store, walk in the park, public breastfeeding I highly recommend the Ergo Baby...fabulous! For getting infant to sleep in fetal position I like the Infantino Sling Rider. but honestly, that one is my least favorite. Every sling serves a different need. I suggest trying out a few... Inherit if you can, try on in the store. And don't shrug off trying something different if the first one doesn't work out. But I love my slings. I have Roo babies!

"Ergo Baby"


  1. I could never master them - my babies had to learn to be monkeys and cling on to me!

  2. That's hilarious! I know slings don't work out for a lot of moms. But I need my hands! Still find myself half useless with babe in hand. Just not that talented yet. :-)

  3. I forgot one the NoJo---NOT! kind of annoying. Maybe when she's bigger.

  4. babies are the faces of GOD.
    look again. you will agree.


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