I have a new neighbor!! Welcome to the block, Harlem Mothers Save!

What's all that noise? Oooh! I hear a DJ....our new neighbors started their first day on the block with a welcome fit for queens.

Jean Corbett-Parker and Jackie Rowe-Adams know what they are talking about, as each has lost one or more of their children to gun violence. Their goal for Harlem Mothers S.A.V.E. is to prevent another parent from experiencing the suffering they’ve endured.
“One of our goals at Harlem Mothers S.A.V.E. is to let families know about where and how these guns are getting to our children,” said Ms. Rowe-Adams. “Many parents are still surprised about where kids can get them, but bodegas, certain housing projects and city parks have all been identified as locations where gun sales take place.”

They believe deterrence can come through legislation. So, with the cooperation of New York State Assemblyman Keith Wright (70th A.D. – Harlem), Harlem Mothers S.A.V.E. is supporting the sponsorship of tough new laws that would severely punish those who sell guns illegally out of licensed businesses, or allow others to do so within their business. This proposed legislation would provide a lifetime ban on all state and city licenses for those who allow such activities to take place.

“Many times, owners will plead ignorance, claiming they have no knowledge of illegal activity. Because this new legislation would allow for the possibility of permanent license revocation, it would compel gun shop owners to make sure such activities do not take place in their place of business,” Assemblyman Wright said.

>For more information on Harlem Mothers Save, call 212-928-0150 or visit http://harlemmotherssave.com/

>For more information on Harlem Clergy and Community Leaders Coalition, visit PERFECTPEACEMINISTRY.ORG

(text taken from Harlem Mama Saves and Fox Good Day News)


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