Private Art Lessons in Harlem

I am excited to announce that I will be offering private art lessons in Harlem, NYC! I am a local artist with a Masters in Education. Some of you may know me as the blogger Harlem Mama. As an active member of our community, I am also President of our school's Parent Association.
You may also see me around town in the gardens volunteering for the City Parks. I love all the amazing opportunities growing in our neighborhood and I hope you will support this new venture of mine.

The benefits of having art lessons =

Not having to clean up arts and crafts messes at home.
Refining the visual arts talent you see in your child.
A fun weekly session where parents know their child is enjoying playing in the paints in a safe, kid-friendly environment.
Located in Central Harlem
I will be offering private individual lessons and group lessons to play groups.

Ms. Fran's Rates are:

Individual Art Class: $20 per 45 minute session.

6 week Art Camp K-5: $120.

6 week Art Camp 6-12: $250.

Groups rates vary on the number of children.

I will give parents a list of various activities and the cost of the supplies so you can pick and choose activities that would suit your child.

Please contact me!


With hugs!

Ms. Fran


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