No crying over broken cake. Happy Birthday, Gracie!


This is the cake Amelia and I made. I am no cake boss and I admit defeat. But I hold my head high and I tune out the critics and let them eat cake. Fight back defeat tears and turn it into play doh. Make mud cakes! No rules for a 2 year old's birthday. She hates her hair done. So I let it free. She's not a big fan of pants, so in diapers she will be. There's a big mess that I will clean. And they are laughing and smiling and playing with my defeat. Irene came and I wish I could say she destroyed this cake. I did first and then I let my girls at it. We ate from it with our own forks. We drowned our creations in powdered sugar. And when we were done, we turned the rest to mush. I see a little tongue sticking out at me and that is a Gracie sign for, "I like this."  Happy Birthday, Sara Grace. Next week when the grandparents come, maybe we'll do it a little more formal. We'll comb your hair and put you in a dress. Invite people. We'll buy a pretty cake from the store, made by professionals. But I hope your sister will remember for you the birthday you got to turn your cake into mud pies. If not, I'll pull up this post and remind you not to cry over minor failures. Even if it feels major. Lemons in to lemonade. Smurf mushroom house cake with smurfberry bushes on a brownie plot it is not. I'm cool with that. Okay, maybe one (little, hidden, on the side, nobody can see wiped away real quick) tear. One day, not today, I will bake a pretty cake.


  1. asiyah7:36 AM

    That perfect grin says it all. There's nothing but happiness there. :) Happy Birthday to Miss Gracie!


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