©2011 by Alice Walker
For Jacqui Hairston, with love.
Because you could plant peach trees
And because of peace
You could eat them in five or six
Peaches not trees
And your children
Could eat them
After you are gone!
And because you could not see
A friend for a long, long time
Because there is peace
You would not lose them forever
But see them next time they come
To town!
You could go ice skating
Or roller skating
And no guns would go off
Scaring you.
You could grow old
And have a nice long beard
And no rockets
Would appear
To set fire
To it!
You could swim in the ocean
And see turtles
And whales
And nothing would interrupt
You, even if you fell asleep
On your back!
Not a single bomb
Would be going off
And people would let you drift
To shore
And then they’d wake
With music and some food
Would be strange to you
But so delicious!
They’d want you
To like their peaceful land:
They’d want to learn about yours.
Peace is great for this sort of thing.
And when you went home
There would be a whole house
Waiting for you.
Your room warm and cozy
And your dog happy to see you
And everything! Even the cat
Might take a look at you,
As if she cared!
All this can happen in peace.
Never in war.
And that is why Peace is always a good idea.
Earth likes it too! She’s tired of being marched on and hit by crazy humans
Who never see how sweet she is
Or appreciate
Her windstorms
Her curves.


  1. asiyah10:36 PM

    While I agree that Peace is the ideal, I think back to this comment:

    My father once wrote that war is the worst possible option. But sometimes it is an option. Because mercy to the wolf is cruelty to the lamb. Some things are so principled that you cannot make a deal on—human rights, rights of women, education. You bring peace to Afghanistan like that, with no freedom; it’s like peace in a graveyard. Stability in a graveyard is good for dead people.”

  2. Idealism is a necessity we attempt to reach. Striving for it makes us better. We must never think that we cannot attain a war-free existence. Yes, defending freedom is paramount. No, warheads and drones will not achieve that permanently. Our brains are fully capable of finding a way to give everyone equal rights and freedom. Not enough of us have evolved our minds to how this could be done. Enough children growing up, educated and out of poverty can change this. If we spent more effort on ending poverty, child abuse and education, we can solve our war problem much faster.


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