Science kids

Today went to an Earth Observatory and felt at home amidst the research. I did not want to leave. As I sat there as an outsider, I was not as a scientist, nor was I professor. I declared myself an enthusiastic amateur and fan of the science community. I realized that one bad freshman chemistry changed my life forever. I quit playing in the sciences. Now I sit and watch, determined to create a solid foundation of math and science concepts for my daughters and their peers. We are opening an Arts & Sciences resource room at my daughters' school that I hope will inspire more artists, writers, mathematicians and scientists in the community. I love all the subjects and I hope next year my daughter isn't one of the very few black children attending the science festivals, which has been the case at most events we attend. We have to balance the activities so dance and sports don't always come first. Children will see pretty soon that science being first does not mean a lack of fun. Ton of fun completely possible.


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