Love. Spread it.

Today I've been pondering some pretty big questions about God. I like to think that he hears all of Earth's people, as long as they believe that there indeed is God. I find more and more examples of people believing that there is no God. Anger or annoyance or worse yet, indifference when they are faced with faithful people makes their heart feel cold to me. I know some who enjoy that cold. They've turned off certain emotional facets to their personality and what you see is what you get. There is an avoidance of complicated. Priorities usually are centered around money. They are always right. I have no idea and have no plan to try to find the exact right answer. I was not blessed with a brain big enough to answer that question. But what I do know is that I no longer have to search my Bible for an answer. It just comes. Whatever I open to, I learn what I need to learn in that moment.

Blind trust. It's true. And it feels good. It brings a sense of peace. I am happy. I am ill all the time; I was not blessed with the strongest lungs among other things. I have a few pieces in my body that don't work that great. But I still feel so good. I'm high on life. I'm elevated by my blessings. I know how to love. I work on improving that love every day. I work on spreading that love around. I really believe all God is is love. Maybe everyone wasn't blessed with a love button. But I think the reality is that the love button was scarred by severe abuse or a lack of love from some very key people in a person's life. If a child never learns love, how can they grow up to give love without the grace of God teaching them how. There are many ways to be broken.

I find God's love to be healing. Smiling. Gracious. Full of Earth. Rich, like black soil. Blue and Purple with streaks of red, yellow and green in a sunset. Every day the sun rises in beauty and sets in beauty. Every day there is a gift of a new day if you get to see the next day. If not, the present can be so beautiful if you let your heart love. It starts with how we love our children. We have to teach them love. Or they will think that violence is the answer. The answer is not violence. Yes, we must fight for justice of all people. Yes, we must get angry at oppression. But no, we do not kill our loved ones, our neighbors. We fight the bigger fight, for those that starve and those with no opportunity, dying everyday needlessly. We fight for that. We grow stronger against very evil forces pitting us against each other. They will be defeated. I believe that. I will fight to the end believing that. God is love. We should spread it everywhere. 


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