Oh it's just me

Somewhere along the way
Pleasing others went away.
This journey of mine, pocked and scarred
Is my own to tred, come near, going far.
I sit hear cursin like a mean old lady
Bouncing my shoulder and hips like a bar stool baby.
Knowin God loves me as I am, complicated and free.
Doing me, doing he or she, doing anything I damn please.
All of this here and that and this too
Is not meant to piss off or confuse.
All this here, gal who chat too much
Is setting up to make a little bit of a fuss.
A little miss know it all who cannot hush
Certainly not about to sit in the back of the bus.
I speak, like all the time.
Good luck with that. My voice is all mine.
I'm thinking that is just right and mighty fine.


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