40s flare in a healthier year

I am quite aware that I am a "sturdier" girl now. More curves and rounds than before. I've been cutting back on the sugar and carbs, so we shall see. I mostly cut back for my health, not because I am shamed by these curves. I should be, according to some. I am not, according to me. But I will embrace a healthier me. I want to live long so I must decrease this bust. I wonder if anyone remembers the book with the lines "I must, I must increase my bust." Margaret something. Oh the trials of preteen versus the trials of a grown woman. A woman's work is never done.
In the meantime, I kiss the camera and smile. Life's too short to not dress up and enjoy the moment. Especially when you've figured out how to give yourself old glam hair dos from back in the day.


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