Down the Road

2013, most of us are still here. Thankfully, no mass annihilation of the human population. But if readers of the Mayan calendar took their time, they would have realized years earlier that they were just reading the end of a very long calendar. If only we could all think ahead hundreds of years. We usually just plan ahead for 364 days and that's about it. Some people invest time in Master Plans, that span decades. But in general, we don't plan too far ahead. Sometimes it's about sowing seeds, not just plants, in one season with plans to reap in the next, or the next after next, somewhere down the road. Doing this sounds impossible, no one can predict the future. But there's no reason you can't plan a little bit. Just a little. Right now, giving the future a little of my attention gives me perspective. What am I hoping for? Who and what are in my prayers? Am I on my path? I can answer the best I can but reality tells me I have to mostly go on faith.

Right now I am at the gathering after a funeral. A dear friend's relation passed. His death was completely unpredicted. I have had a few of those in my family. At the end of the day, our predictions, our planning, our preparations mean so little because so much is out of our control. Living with that loss of control is a challenge for many.
I'm having a day where I can stand in faith that it actually will be alright.
My mind is wandering. I really just want to think about my garden. Squirrels thieving my tulip bulbs. Trimming down my roses like I just saw in my uncle's garden. Adding a few more layers to the bed I am raising. Suet and seeds for the birds instead of just seeds. My mind is full on the future, just not that far into the future. Will I start the veggie garden this year? Will the children be helpful?

I could ponder the heavier things, but if I have a choice, I will not. My mind will wander over there sometimes, but I stress myself if it is out of my control. Will my children stay healthy? That is a question out of my control. Instead, God, keep them safe, keep them healthy, please. Besides controlling their diet and following safety rules, not much I can do. So, I do my best and give God the rest. And the rest of the rest, well, you can find me out in the garden.


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