Good Ideas Blowing in the Wind

Life is just so funny sometimes. I love when things come together and gel, when you never saw the puzzle in the first place. Nothing is perfect and is as I wish it could be, but things are in a place where I see potential and look forward to what is to come. For instance, I have kept the same format for my blog for the last 6 years. I never really saw the need for change and my life was so full I had no time to care. But recently, with a little more time without little kiddies running my every moment, I'm finding time to get good ideas again. This is,I started asking questions and getting feedback. For one, the content is there on my blog, the look just doesn't say much. Another thing is that I had no idea that I new so much about Google applications. I use most of them for one thing or another. I've always been their guinea pig when things started beta. Now, I realize that I can really utilize that as a web consultant. Just pondering the possibilities of the future.

Another good idea thanks to my lovely Mom, go Avon again. Omg, I heart them! Why not? So I am slowly but surely trying to plot my next steps. In the meantime, if it's about Google, gardening, mothering, teaching, illustrating, blogging...let me know. Sometimes I think I take on too much, but I realize that I don't always put everything on my plate at once - a little this and a little that, what I can take, when I can take it. But the good ideas seem to be flowing, thanks to good people around me known for their honesty and good nature towards my well being. Life flows well with good ideas and good people around me.


  1. asiyah9:48 PM

    Can't wait to see what the future holds for you. I like this background btw! :)

  2. Easier on the eyes, I hope.


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