My wisdom is showing

I've been dyeing my hair. In 2013 I will try not to. What I realize is that by covering it up, I am not be honest about my wisdom, not my age. I am actually a premature gray, due to genetics and life's moments that brought on the change full throttle.

I've been afraid of showing my true self. I've been afraid that my love of Etta James and Sam Cooke along with the gray would push me further into the baby boomer classification. To be honest, I am good friends with women of that age and I am peaceful with that fact. I adore them. They are more comfortable with their emotions. They feel secure in the activism, less afraid of voicing their opinions.

My generation, especially the women, sadly is lacking in emotion and opinion on the scale I feel the boomers possess naturally. That scares me. We grew up so full of options to say our peace, but we also grew up fearful to lose our jobs or disgrace our families. Our rebellion showed in our music but we left it in the speakers. We rarely are the whistleblowers when bad people take advantage. We hide our wisdom, which cools our courage. I I know the baby boomers are dyeing up a storm. So few many wait until retirement, in fear of sexism and ageism.

We all have our issues, but we all have our personal courage we should try to work on in this new year. I admit fear of sharing with the world I am already 1/3 silver. You can't see it of course, after about a decade of coloring. But my wisdom is starting to show again and I intend to just let it be. Good luck to me.


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