I sun myself,
Soaking in the rays.
The cold air breath a fog in front of me
The sun peaking through the trees
Heavenly bliss, I cannot lie
Sitting here with trees, listening to them
As they say nothing
Asking me to watch their movements
Watch their joyous dance
As the wind tickles their grooves
I cannot lie, this is bliss
The air cooling, the sun warming
Listening to the Earth sing her
Glorious song. Listening, listening.
Waiting in the cacophony of earth silence.
This is my bliss, when I sit in my chair
Outside, full of fire inside, letting the waves
Of bliss take me, wind tickling me as well
As the sun glistens in and out of the trees
I am happy I see it. I see this and I know one of
Her true gifts, bliss, in the cacophony and the quiet
Of the trees sharing sunlight with me. 


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