At the school library with the Brownies and Girl Scouts. Then it's off to swimming, then track. :-)

My little one won the preK lottery this week. I am very happy. I choose my children's local school, not a magnet or charter. I wonder if I made the right choice for both of them.

What I decided to do was have a little faith in the teachers here. When I walk through I love the different projects they post on the walls. I love the sunny murals and sunlight coming into the classrooms.

I love the fact my Catholic girls are learning beside Muslim children, teaching them tolerance as they go. I grew up that way and I want to pass it along.

I love the library and how clean the hallways are. I am making this list because there are other options I could have taken. But I chose to stay local.

Maybe I will change over time as I do research. But for now, it works for me. I also thought about homeschooling. But as I watch this handful of teachers running the Scouts, I like this little village. I came expecting responsibility falling on one or two parents, but no. We parents are here for support. Organized. I appreciate that.


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