Haters will be haters.

I have decided that if I let people, especially those closest to me, define me, label me, place their own insecurities on me, then, I have failed to be the person God intends me to be. I feel that the labels can doom the possibilities, the dreams that keep me pressing forward every day.

I am well aware of the power of emotional and verbal abuse. Sometimes, because we love those that inflict the most pain, we settle, we humble ourselves to their definitions. That is wrong. It may take all the strength we have to build ourselves up to what can be and what is actually the truth about our character.

I am so blessed. But I also have been cursed. I have tolerated behaviors that need to be checked. I have allowed poison into my self-confidence because of circumstance and duty. That is why this space has become so important to me. I can share my blessings without judgment. I am thankful for gracious readers.

As my age group takes on new responsibilities, including caring for parents as they age, we must stay strong to who we are when the pressure to be caretaker comes along. Our families can create the largest wounds to our self-worth.

That is why at the end of the day, when I cannot help or shut the gossiping mouths with so much to say about me, I surround myself with people who have spent years getting to know me. I return a letter, package, call, text or email from kind hearts who know my kind heart very well.

They also know that I am a fighter. Injustice against me or against a stranger is worth a good fight. In my own way, I will take haters down by just being the phenomenal me I am fully capable of being. I thank sages like Maya Angelou who inspire me to remember myself.

To the weak and pitied soul who calls me names undeserved and I believe unmentionable, go to hell. My strength is so far above your pathetic attempts to weaken my spirit that I now laugh at your barking. Yes, you believe you have every right. Yes, you do have free will. But no, you are wrong about me.

I am so thankful for what I have become, despite the poison within my own branches and roots. Haters will be haters. I can't stop them. But I can fight it by having self confidence, believing in myself and accepting that I cannot make people change. So with that, I end this by saying this. Make your own life beautiful instead of poisoning someone else with your hatred. If you cannot do that, oh well, not my problem. I am blessed, hater. Moving on.


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