I don't want to seem like all I care about are cupcakes and roses. My voice as a writer has changed. I say so little about many things that concern me anymore because I have lost the idea that my voice is the authentic me here. Right now, I debate with myself on what this space should share. I have never been defined by an audience's expectations because my audience has rarely vocalized its presence. Analytics let me know they, I mean you, are there.  Once upon a time I felt I would become a writer of memoirs. Once upon a time I thought I would be writing for magazines and newspapers all over the world. I certainly expected to see more of the world by now.

Times change. I am a parent. I am an artist. I am a certified teacher with only her children as students (and no, I do not homeschool). My voice concentrates on the personal, and only to an extent. I guard my privacy. Unlike my college days, not all of my feelings and life experiences are for the masses anymore. I watched an episode of Vice on HBO about street fights all over the world filled with young people rebelling against the fact there is an entire generation of people who have never joined the workforce. In Spain, 50 percent of young people are unemployed. Those sound like stats similar to that of black people in America. "Not true," some number cruncher will say. But if you add the incarcerated, the early retired and those on disability, truth is, the unemployment situation for many Americans, even if you disregard race, is sickening. I acknowledge black in the equation because I can look around me and see the unemployed in every category, whether it is blue collar, white collar, educated or not. The fact is, America is lucky that the uprisings of Europe currently leave a bad taste in the mouths of Americans. I wonder for how long, though. The economic crisis continues to cripple the world.

I for many years tried to seek out that perfect job. For years my work experience and education were ignored and I had to settle for secretary-like positions. When my health started to be a problem, I backed away from the search. I focused on my family and I accepted the consequences of a single income household. I have changed myself to this new way of living, very different than I expected.  But as I share in this blog, hopefully my kids will see it down the road, we had a good time, we made beautiful things and we did the best with what we had.
And I hope that they don't become America's generation fighting in the streets because they have nothing to lose.

At the end of the day, I write here for them. I want them to see that you  can make a good life with a small budget. And I want them to see that they were blessed to have a good family that made sure to meet their needs.  I hope they have jobs when they grow up. If not, then I am sure they will be fighting alongside their peers in some way. I say peers but I have no idea what the future holds. Maybe it will be the parents that have finally had enough. Already the marching has begun. I wonder how far this will go here. Today, I am not hopeless, but many are. I can only wonder what the future holds.


  1. asiyah7:52 PM

    This was really beautiful and powerful. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thank You for reading. :-)

  3. Thank You for reading. :-)


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