Release the Women

I see the burgeoning future building out of a wounded past
Releasing the oppressor’s grip twined around my mast.
I hold these hands open to limitless air
facing the sun, I close them in prayer.
As I grow warm, God leads me from fear.
The wind swarms and thrashes, it is time I rise to lead
this new day of power hastens my speed.
Once consumed by the toxins of hate spewing demons
I writhe free, no longer condemned to hide my courage or my reasons
Rising and blooming, pulsating and booming
becoming the woman intended, blended with wisdom, magic
far from the what the storytellers call tragic.
Educated, emancipated, I piece together the words
of the wounded and berated,and of the unheard.
Together we fight insecurity, rising and flailing our fists in the wind
surfacing with wailing for our fallen sisters who have never been.
Gifted and wise, with the changing tides we rise.
Women covered in ashes, flinging down barriers
with mind-numbing brashness.
We must write for the people with voices not yet heard
silenced in twilight, like the sleeping birds.
For some there is no escape from nightfall’s caressing
We strike down shame, asking for strength, blessing.
As our voices rise higher, “No, you will not.”
We are pushed further into the brawl, holding our hearts,
where noise of our shouts scatters into the stars
The same pigeons are doves, scarred over the ages
many still waiting in man-made cages.
It is time for history to rewrite our pages of intellect and glory,
once burned but no longer the unheard story.
We no longer wait for the handler to release
the beast that is in the east
and west and north and south
called a billion girls rising
to women with mouths
As the pussy riots in one ear
And the schools are built and rebuilt without fear,
we see a new day for the mothers and fathers that pray
for their girls to become women
rising like omens,
stunning the earth, ripe and now freed
changing this monstrosity equating girl as less than a man.
Rearranging this earth to be better than that.  
- Francia McCormack Wilson


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