Going Somewhere

Somewhere in the dappled sunlight
Down a busy street corridor
memories of a life once lived return.
I walk on the side brimming with pockets of shade.
I nod to the neigbors unaware I am just a tourist now.
They remark on how big my girls are now.
Smiles, laughs and goodbyes as I continue on my way.
I question whether it is still "my" city.
On these grounds I conceived and birthed
ideas, children, careers, and identity.
In these sidewalks I planted a tree now towering
like a teenage child, tall and gamely.
My imprint remains,  I move on.
Letting the things I've grown take on a life of their own
Without me, they still stand strong.
I come back feeling proud and secure
Watching like a tourist, letting it all go.


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