Sacred breath

Every breath.
Every sacred breath.
Whispers from her little body
Calmly,slowly returns
Nourishing life
Sooothing the beating heart.
Every sacred breath pushes life forward.
Today, no one says goodbye.  Today
the waves of in and out prevail.
In my arms I cradle the liitle laughing
sprite, little arms around my neck
Clinging to her protector, her warrior
I hold her close, listening for any signs
Of the imperfect breath, rattling, wheezing
Sickness, death.
Not today. Clear and free, protected.
Gifted another day, and
Another and another.

A scare at the pool today. Everyone is ok. Lifeguards not doing their job, children being children. Another day for me to give thanks for every sacred breath. Tomorrow is not promised.


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