Selena, was open today. She still possessed her stoic, resolute face, ready to take on anything. Her mind soaked in all around her. Selena sat next to the pond, blue green with koi fish nipping at the tip of her fingers she stroked across the surface. The ripples sent minuscule waves up her arm. She scooped water using her hands. She wanted to fill her body with the cool, soft water. The sweat on her brow needed quenching. She opened herself to the water. As it flowed over her hair to her chin, between her breasts, along her spine she relished in the satisfaction. She scooped again, she filled her body once again with the water that would sustain her. Yellow daisies grew at the pond side. Hundreds of them teased the water with thick, green leaves sprouting at every orifice. She plucked and plucked. Her new and drenched body felt right about taking a dozen or so yellow daisies. She would sustain them herself. One by one, she placed a stalk in her hair. A gold and black crown formed around her face. Against the black of her hair, she took on a queenly state. She felt whole again. Open. Full of water and flowers.


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